Data Science Bootcamp Courses for Beginners in 2024

The field of Data Science is currently experiencing a surge in demand for high-paying jobs. If you’re aiming to carve a successful career as a data scientist, attending a data science boot camp is a strategic move. These boot camps not only equip you with the necessary skills but also provide practical experiences. Moreover, tech professionals can leverage these boot camps to enhance their knowledge and advance their careers.

Data science boot camps can be broadly categorized as online courses, offering the flexibility to complete assignments without the need for travel or relocation. However, with the multitude of boot camps offering data science classes in India and abroad, the task of choosing the most beneficial one can be daunting. This guide aims to empower you by presenting a comprehensive list of top data science classes available online, catering to beginners starting their journey in 2024.

What is a Data Science Course?

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So, what exactly is a Data Science Course? Let’s delve into this exciting concept.A data science boot camp is not just a course, it’s a hands-on, engaging experience designed to prepare you for a successful career in data science. These boot camps , typically lasting three to six months, are focused on practical learning through projects. They are designed to equip you with the necessary expertise and knowledge in the field, making you ready to tackle real-world data science challenges.

Bootcamps also emphasize flexibility that allows students to work on their work with their current tasks and other obligations. There are many data science boot camps that offer different schedules and learning styles. For example, the full-time and part-time boot camps are offered for students to pick according to their needs. Students may choose either virtual or in-person learning. The costs and duration of the program will differ based on the choice they make.

If you’re looking to begin your career in data science, different paths are open to you to pick from. The most common tasks for students at boot camps include:

  • Data Scientist
  • Data Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Data Engineer
  • Database Administrator

Without further delay, Let’s look at the top 10 boot camps for data science in 2024.

Top 10 Data Science Bootcamp Courses in 2024

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NYC Data Science Academy Data Science Bootcamp

    The NYC Data Science Academy boot camp for the course in data science offers two different options. The first is a 12-week course that provides classes every day.

    The course can be completed in person on campus or through Live Zoom classes. The other option is distance learning only, which can be part-time or full-time for approximately 4 to 6 months. Both kinds of data science-related boot camps have four large projects, and the final project is typically sponsored by businesses located in New York City. The boot camp also offers career assistance, consisting of individual resume reviews and interview preparation. This boot camp is a great alternative for those looking to work in the eastern part of the U.S., as most jobs are likely to be available in that region only.

    Mode: Online and in-person

    Time: Full-time – 3 months (in-person) Part-time or full-time 6 to 4-6 months (online-only program)

    Cost: $17,600 (1469,93 INR)

    The ideal candidate for The ones with a huge budget

    Practicum Data Science Bootcamp

      It’s a nine-month program that will comprise the 16 projects in the portfolio. Furthermore, it is a practicum program in data science that permits its students to take part in “externships,” which are basically work experiences at organizations; however, they don’t appear to be paid. For a price, this is a highly motivating program.

      Mode: Online

      Duration: 9 months part-time

      Cost: $16,200 (1353,00 INR)

      The ideal candidate for Individuals who hold a full-time work schedule or family obligations

      INE Data Science Courses

        Its INE, the data science boot camp, includes an array of data science classes. You will receive a solid overview of data science, with an emphasis on Python, through videos, exercises, as well as projects and tests. The program allows for self-paced learning. However, the lessons outline a sensible course for you to follow. It starts with the introduction of programming using Python before moving on to subjects like scientific computing using NumPy functional programming and data cleaning using Pandas. It’s a flexible and cost-effective option for people who wish to pursue a profession in the field of data science.

        Mode: Online

        Duration: Flexible, Self-paced

        Price:$39 per month (3,257.21 INR) or $299 annually (24,971.96 INR)

        The ideal candidate for Flexible, hands-on learning

        Thinkful Data Science Flexible

          The Thinkful, The Data Science Flexible Bootcamp is among the most affordable alternatives that provide an enticing path to this field. The program lets you take your time learning by working part-time and increasing your knowledge over the course of six months of duration. You will receive one-on-one guidance throughout the course, making sure you graduate with an expert data science portfolio.

          If you aren’t able to find employment within six months after graduation, your funds will be returned.

          Mode: Online

          The duration: Part-time: 6 months

          Cost: $9,500 (793,42 INR)

          The ideal candidate for: People who are in search of the ability to study at any time

          CareerFoundry Data Analytics Program

            If you’re new in the field and are looking for a new career, this program is for you. This program CareerFoundry Data Analytics Program teaches the fundamental ideas that are essential to data science. Many professionals working in this field start their careers as data analysts prior to switching to data science. In this course, you’ll learn how to analyze and prepare data, and then move on to SQL, Python, and interactive dashboards. The tuition cost for CareerFoundry’s program is determined by the location you live in. The program provides a range of payment options that are flexible and include paying in advance for a small discount on your course. A no-cost short introduction course is available for trial.

            Mode: Online

            The duration: Full-time – 5 months; Part-time 8 months

            Cost: $7,505-$7,900 (626,80 INR-626,80 INR)

            The ideal candidate for Students with no prior knowledge

            General Assembly Data Science Immersive Online

              The General Assembly Data Science Bootcamp is an online course that is an excellent choice for those looking for a stimulating learning experience. This program lets you communicate with your mentors as well as other students in the interactive classroom. It includes subjects such as Python decision trees, random forests, and statistical modeling. In the course, you will be working on five projects for three months. A one-on-one coach will be available to provide the guidance you need for your career.

              Keep in mind that this is an intermediate course with some fundamental prerequisites. It is therefore recommended that you have a strong math background and be familiar with Python.

              Mode Live, online, and in real-time

              Duration: Full-time: Around three months

              Cost: $16,450 (1373,88 INR)

              Perfect for: Students who already have information about data science

              BrainStation Online Data Science Bootcamp

                The BrainStation online boot camp program for Data science courses includes everything needed to get started as a data scientist. It includes everything you need to begin your career as a. The program includes an outline of projects, fantastic guidance for your career, and interview preparation, along with the chance to network with experts from the industry.

                Lectures and live classes are available via the virtual classroom. Teaching machine learning techniques as well as data basics and big data. This is an excellent alternative for people seeking an online boot camp that offers a shared learning experience. Keep your eyes on the following: this program is among the most expensive options available and does not offer an employment guarantee.

                Mode: Online

                Duration: Full-time: around three months

                Cost: $16,500 (1378,05 INR)

                The ideal candidate for People who are seeking an opportunity to learn together

                Flatiron School Online Data Science Bootcamp

                  This boot camp course will cover significant data science topics, including machine learning and big data. Python, as well as SQL.

                  To be eligible for this program, you do not need to have any previous experience, but you should establish some basic data science knowledge in order to be admitted to the program. Furthermore, applicants need to complete a pre-work class before starting the boot camp.

                  In addition, Flatiron School Online Data Science Bootcamp gives you excellent career guidance, which includes individual career guidance and access to a huge network of businesses. It’s a great alternative for people seeking to establish their careers in the area of data science and aren’t facing budgetary problems.

                  • Mode: Online
                  • The duration: Full-time – 5 months; Part-time/self-paced – 10 months
                  • Price: $16,900 (1411,46 INR) for full-time as well as part-time options.
                  • Perfect for: Students with the ability to go for more money

                  Springboard Data Science Career Track

                    This Springboard Data Science Career Track is a 6-month part-time program that offers a project-based syllabus with one-on-one mentoring and a guarantee of employment (else your money will be refunded). The syllabus is broken down into 18 units that include topics such as data collection, statistics, storytelling using data, and machine learning.

                    The Springboard boot camp comes with a few fundamental requirements. For instance, you are required to have a minimum of six months of programming knowledge and be proficient in basic probabilities and descriptive statistics. Although it’s expensive, it’s a good choice for software developers as well as analysts seeking to enter the field of data science.

                    Mode: Online

                    Time: Part-time: 6 months

                    Cost: $13,900 (1160,90 INR)

                    The ideal candidate for People with experience in the fields of statistics and programming

                    Data-quest Data Science Learning Path

                      This Data-quest bootcamp is a low-cost and flexible choice. The program covers topics including Python basics statistical concepts, data cleaning using Python, SQL, and machine learning. If you’re looking for hands-on learning and independent learning with no guidance from an instructor, this is an excellent option to take into consideration. The program does not require any previous work experience or prior knowledge.

                      • Mode: Online
                      • Duration: Flexible, self-paced
                      • Price: $29-$49 (2,422.03 INR-4,092.39 INR) per month
                      • Perfect for: Beginnings on a budget

                      How to Choose the Best Data Science Bootcamp Course?

                      With numerous available online boot camps in data science to select from, it could be challenging to pick the most suitable course. It is, therefore, crucial to think about your work and field to select the best program for your data science boot camp according to your needs. If you are aware of the job you’d like to have after you have completed your bootcamp course and you know what role you want to play, it will be simple to prioritize programs that provide relevant projects. These are the most common jobs you can choose to pursue after you have completed your data science boot camp:

                      • Management Analysis
                      • Data Scientist
                      • Data Analyst
                      • Operations Research Analyst

                      Additionally, analyzing the network of each boot camp’s organization is an excellent idea for picking the right program. It will allow you to see that a company has employed graduates from a specific boot camp.

                      How Much Does a Data Science Bootcamp Course Cost?

                      Most boot camps in data science have high tuition fees. If they pay the fees, students will receive an elite education and gain access to highly qualified instructors and mentors who have extensive knowledge of this field, as well as networking opportunities, training for interviews, and support for job-related issues.

                      However, there are many boot camp programs that are less expensive, such as self-paced and subscription-based. These programs are excellent choices for people who are new to the field, who require short-term classes, and who are seeking to improve their abilities in a particular area.

                      But, these programs at a lower cost aren’t accompanied by the other benefits previously mentioned. If you decide to choose the program in a data science program that is taught in person, you might think about expenses for travel, accommodation, and living expenses in the event that the institution is located in another location.


                      A boot camp in data science is an excellent option for people looking to develop their abilities and gain access to essential tools used within this area. The boot camps for data science provide hands-on, collective training, as well as guidance for your career, which will help you succeed after the completion of your degree.

                      If you’re seeking to make a change in your career within the area of data science or need to increase your knowledge, you should consider taking part in Executive certification for Advanced Data Science & Applications that is offered through IIT Madras Pravartak. For more information on the program and the enrolment procedure, go to AllUniversityResult.Com right now!

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